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Lee Song Hee-Il, the famed director/writer of queer film No Regret (Kim Nam Gil and Lee Young Hoon), released three short queer films in late 2012:

White Night (백야)- Starring Won Tae Hee and Lee Yi Kyung, this short film tells the story of a flight attendant and a young delivery man who meet up for the first time after an online relationship. The night they spend together ends up being more than what either had bargained for.

Suddenly, Last Summer (지난여름 갑자기)- Starring Kim Young Jae and Han Joo Wan, the second film features the story of a gay high school teacher who is blackmailed into going on a date by his young student. Will the brash young teen get his way or will his teacher resist temptation?

Going South (남쪽으로 간다)- Starring Kim Jae Heung and Jun Shin Hwan, the last film tells the story of a young military serviceman on a short leave who goes to visit his former lover after the other man has been discharged. Things get heated, in more ways than one, when the serviceman decides to kidnap his sunbae to the south of S.Korea.

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