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"Don’t just fall in love with someone you can live with, fall in love with someone you can’t live without."

—Istanbul Aku Datang (via starsdance-world)
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Here’s the brand new teaser trailer for upcoming wuxia film, “Brotherhood of Blades.” After seeing thirty seconds of footage, I’m already sold.
I just hope it’s not like “The Four,” which promised to be a great movie and ended up being an absolute nightmare. I have my fingers crossed for this one.

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ideal name tbh

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Hey All,

Since no one was able to guess the theme we are going to go ahead and announce it. This weeks theme is You’re not from around here.We are featuring foreigner’s,Actors who work in more than one country, actors born abroad, and biracial actors. If you have an actor or actress you would like to see featured or a drama that fits the criteria please let us know.


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Yatterman Batch #3

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Sui Shi Dou Zai
Victor Wong
Love Myself of You? OST
108 plays


Sui Shi Dou Zai by Victor Wong from Love Myself or You? OST
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I’d have been giggly too, tbh. :p
re-watching kim sam soon what
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Aaj pehli baar, pehli baar kisiko mera birthday yaad raha hai…happy birthday to me. 

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Mazuru’s Men | Friend..Lover..Husband..

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Elegant Rose - Working In Background